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F1 2021 USA Setup: Fastest full race setup, qualifying setup, drivability setup

  • Race Setup

    A setup designed to balance pace and tyre wear, your fastest way to 100% distance. Suggested for Career Mode, League Racing, or Braking Point.

  • World Record Lap Setup

    The ultimate setup of the current world record lap-time. No compromises, just your fastest way around one lap of the Circuit of the Americas.


Race Setup

Austin Texas hosts the USA grand prix. A flowing circuit with wide corner entries and lots of opportunity for overtaking, with sweeping esses that require a precise setup and lines. Lots of run-off here too means you can take risks, so pick between the one lap and full distance setups below.


Circuit of the Americas is a fast flowing circuit, with lots of high speed esses. Keeping the car planted is essential, so high aero settings are best here.

Front Wing Aero – 6

Rear Wing Aero – 11


Transmission is a critical area of the setup for traction, affecting acceleration, grip, rotation, tyre wear, and drivability. Increasing the On Throttle Differential will make the car more stable on acceleration, however will increase tyre wear.

Differential Adjustment On Throttle – 70%

Differential Adjustment Off Throttle – 55%

Suspension Geometry

Geometry adjustments mainly impact grip and tire wear, however on F1 2021 most circuits suit the same settings! Stick with high front camber, and low everything else in this section for best results.

Front Camber – -2.50°

Rear Camber – -2.00°

Front Toe – 0.06°

Rear Camber – 0.20°



Suspension adjustments impact responsiveness and stability through corners. F1 2021 has some differences to F1 2020, and this section has become more important. The right adjustments here can shave tenths off your lap times!

Front Suspension – 4

Rear Suspension – 6

Front Anti-Roll Bar – 8

Rear Anti-Roll Bar – 8

Front Ride Height – 3

Rear Ride Height – 7


For players on controller, brake adjustments can have minimal impact. If you use ABS, maintain 100% brake pressure. Otherwise, see below.

Brake Pressure – 100%

Front Brake Bias – 56%


Tyre pressures can have a huge impact on wear and traction. Typically high rear pressures and lower front pressures are the way to go, however you are struggling with traction or it rains then lower all pressures.

Front Right Tyre Pressure – 22.6psi

Front Left Tyre Pressure – 22.6psi

Rear Right Tyre Pressure – 23.1psi

Rear Left Tyre Pressure – 23.1psi

Hotlap Setup

This setup is taken from the current World Record time in time trial. It is the absolute fastest way around the Circuit of the Americas circuit, but just once. Running a race distance on this setup will result in some fairly extreme tyre wear.



Currently the WR time uses maximum wing angles for lots of downforce. Tyres beware!

Front Wing Aero – 11

Rear Wing Aero – 11


A very high On Throttle Diff for good stability, and yes, more shredding tyres.

Differential Adjustment On Throttle – 90%

Differential Adjustment Off Throttle – 56%


Suspension Geometry

WR Suspension Geometry USA american F1 2021 Career Mode Time Trial Race Fastest Setup Finish.jpg

Fairly standard here, not far from the suggested race setup. Right, Left, Left, Left, is always a good starting point here.

Front Camber – -2.50°

Rear Camber – -2.00°

Front Toe – 0.05°

Rear Toe – 0.20°


Soft suspension as used here can be a challenge to keep the car pointing forward, but as the WR time shows, can yield rewards.

Front Suspension – 1

Rear Suspension – 3

Front Anti-Roll Bar – 1

Rear Anti-Roll Bar – 4

Front Ride Height – 1

Rear Ride Height – 7

Brake Pressure

A WR setup just 1% different from our recommended race setup… See, told ya it was good!

Brake Pressure – 100%

Brake Bias – 57%


An extreme setup here for maximum speed. Very fast, but very hot!

Front Right Tyre Pressure – 24.6psi

Front Left Tyre Pressure – 24.6psi

Rear Right Tyre Pressure – 23.5psi

Rear Left Tyre Pressure – 23.5psi

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