F1 23 AI Difficulty Calculator

This tool will help you set the correct AI difficulty level to match your own skill level. This will keep the AI competitive with you, and make for an interesting race!

Using the calculator is simple. Just enter your best laptime from Time Trial (using equal performance), and click calculate!

We have also included a suggested AI level for players looking to gradually improve. Setting the AI to this level will increase the challenge and help you practice against more difficult opposition.

Calculate Difficulty

F1 23 AI Difficulty Calculator

Selected Track:


Your Laptime:

1:20.235 (Perez in the RB19)

Equal AI Difficulty:


Suggested AI Difficulty:


Ensuring you’re racing against AI that matches your skill level is essential for a thrilling and competitive gaming experience. With this user-friendly calculator, not only can you easily find the perfect AI difficulty tailored to your abilities, but also challenge yourself to reach greater heights. Whether you’re seeking a balanced race or looking to hone your skills against tougher competition, this tool is your go-to companion. So, buckle up, input your lap time, and gear up for an exhilarating race ahead! We’re excited to be a part of your racing journey.

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