F1 23 All Wet and Dry Setups

Welcome to our brand new F1 23 Setup Calculator! This tool will provide you with the best setup for all circuits, all scenarios, in all categories. All setups have been rigourously tested and are the best for their intended purpose. We have three different types of setup:

F1 23 Race Setups

If you want an all-round go to setup to save, this is the one. These setups are designed for race-length sessions where balancing pace and tyre wear is essential. These setups are designed for the quickest race, rather than the quickest individual lap. Pace, stability, and tyre temperatures are a focus here. You can still set a very fast qualifying time with these setups.

Time Trial Setups

These setups are the fastest of the fast, and are designed with only one purpose. Single. Lap. Pace. Ideal for time trial, short races, or any other situation where tyre wear is not a concern. You my find the car slightly harder to handle, and your tyres will take a beating, but these are the sacrifices that must be made for a top of the leaderboard time.

F1 23 Wet Setups

You probably don’t need this one explained, but we’re here now. Wet setups are designed for races involving rain. Generally, stability and grip is a focus here, making sure the car is easier to manage and deals well with adjustments in ride height brought on by a wet track and wet tyres.

F1 23 All Setups

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