F1 23 Driver Ratings Revealed!

F1 23 Driver Ratings

Players will be able to create their own F1 career as part of the 'My Team' game mode.

Electronic Arts, in partnership with Formula 1®, today released the launch-day Driver Ratings for EA SPORTS F1® 23, an official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship™ releasing on June 16.

Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, George Russell, Lando Norris, Kevin Magnussen, Valtte ri Bottas, Nyck de Vries and other drivers from the 2023 grid participated in a ‘Guess the Rating’ challenge during their visits to Monaco and Barcelona and showed their reactions as they unveiled their ratings.

In order to calculate the launch day ratings, EA SPORTS compiled and analysed the drivers’ real-life results and performances from the 2023 Formula 1® season up to and including this year’s FORMULA 1 MIAMI GRAND PRIX 2023.

With the help of F1® experts, Anthony Davidson and Alex Jacques, to look beyond the pure data and separate man from machine, the studio has updated its algorithm to be more representative of a driver’s current form and less reliant on their legacy.

The dynamic ratings in the game’s My Team mode will update every few races, reflecting the action and drama on and off the track.

The dynamic ratings are broken into four categories alongside an overall score. The categories are:

Experience (EXP): This is based on the number of race starts a driver has over the course of their career

Racecraft (RAC): The driver’s ability to work their way through the pack and finish in a higher position than where they started

Awareness (AWA): The less time spent in the Steward’s room will help drivers here. Real-world punishments will impact the score in this category

Pace (PAC): Benefits those who get closest to the fastest qualifying and race lap times. A driver beating their teammate is also taken into consideration

Rating (RTG): The combination of the previous four ratings. This overall rating will go up and down throughout the season based on performance

“It is very compelling to see the passion, camaraderie and banter our dynamic Driver Ratings generate among Formula 1 drivers,” said John Merchant, F1® Brand Director at Codemasters. “This year, we have worked closely with our panel of experts to provide a better balance between well-seasoned drivers and those in the early to mid stages of their career, especially in terms of their experience rating. As ever we will be updating the driver stats throughout the F1 season to ensure that the game stays fully calibrated with the sport all the way through the season.”

F1 23 will feature the new Las Vegas street circuit.

F1 23 Full Driver Ratings

DRIVER Experience Racecraft Awareness Pace OVERALL RATING
Max Verstappen 84 97 85 95 94
Lewis Hamilton 97 94 94 90 92
Fernando Alonso 99 91 78 93 92
Charles Leclerc 77 92 85 90 89
Sergio Perez 91 93 86 87 89
Lando Norris 76 91 79 91 89
Carlos Sainz Jr. 84 92 81 87 88
George Russell 76 87 83 91 88
Valtteri Bottas 88 86 97 86 87
Esteban Ocon 77 92 76 86 86
Pierre Gasly 78 89 76 85 85
Lance Stroll 79 91 78 81 84
Alexander Albon 75 81 78 86 83
Yuki Tsunoda 69 79 75 87 83
Kevin Magnussen 81 79 85 82 81
Nico Hulkenberg 86 79 81 80 80
Zhou Guanyu 63 78 74 81 78
Oscar Piastri 74 73 79 77 74
Logan Sargeant 48 84 75 67 71
Nyck de Vries 50 84 75 67 71

Driver Ratings are a key element of My Team, the driver-owner game mode which gives players the opportunity to create their own Formula 1® legacy as one of their favourite real-world teams or as the 11th pair on the grid. Players will be able to enjoy several of F1® 23’s new features within the My Team mode including the highly anticipated Las Vegas Strip Circuit™ and Losail International Circuit, community requested 35% race distance and red flags, which build upon the excitement and strategy in game, and upgraded handling and Precision Drive™ controller technology for enhanced control and confidence.

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