Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 3 Guide

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 3 Guide

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 3 Cars

Menu Book 3 in Gran Turismo 7 requires players to collect three European Classic Compact cars to unlock a roulette ticket and the High Speed Ring in Japan as rewards. This challenge presents an exciting opportunity for players to test their racing skills and add some fantastic new vehicles to their collection.

Before beginning the first race in Menu Book 3, players should head to their Garage and switch to the Toyota Aqua, which is the fastest of the three cars earned so far. While it is possible to succeed in the challenge with any of the cars owned, using the Toyota Aqua provides the best chance of success.

Players should also be sure to claim their roulette ticket from the gifts section before beginning the race. The roulette ticket provides a chance to win a brand new car, adding to the excitement and anticipation of completing the challenge.

By collecting the required European Classic Compact cars, players not only unlock the High Speed Ring in Japan but also gain access to some of the game’s most exhilarating racing experiences. With its long straights and sweeping corners, the High Speed Ring is the perfect venue to test out the capabilities of these powerful cars and showcase driving skills on the global stage.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 3: Lake Maggiore Circuit Sunday Cup Classic

Gran Turismo 7 Lake Maggiore Circuit

In the Menu Book challenge, all three races take place in Europe, making it a fantastic opportunity for players to explore some of the continent’s most iconic and picturesque circuits. To get started, players should begin with the Italian race, the Sunday Cup at Lake Maggiore Circuit. This circuit is relatively simple, with flowing corners and long straights, making it an ideal starting point for players looking to test out their driving skills and acclimate themselves to the challenge.

Players who manage to finish in third place or higher during the race will earn themselves a delightful and iconic piece of Italian motor heritage, the Fiat 500 F ‘68. This vehicle is a fantastic addition to any collection, and its vintage charm is sure to appeal to fans of classic cars.

To make the most of this race, players should use the Toyota Aqua and focus on keeping it clean to earn the 50% extra clean race bonus at the end. This bonus can significantly boost the player’s earnings, and combined with the 5,000 credits from the roulette ticket and the 7,500 credits from the clean race win, players can earn up to 42,000 credits.

Overall, the Sunday Cup at Lake Maggiore Circuit provides an excellent introduction to the Menu Book challenge and is a great way for players to hone their driving skills and earn some valuable rewards along the way.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 3: Goodwood Sunday Cup Classic

For the Sunday Cup Classic at Goodwood, we’ll be racing in the Toyota again, but if you prefer, you can use the Honda. During the first half of the first lap, you should easily overtake the other cars. However, take extra care as this circuit is slightly more challenging than Lake Maggiore. The track is narrower, and the surface is more slippery.

To protect our clean race bonus, we took extra care in the first few sectors. Immediately after starting the race, the Mini in front of us got quite out of shape, and the comfort tyres on our stock Toyota weren’t very sticky. So we focused on keeping our car clean and avoiding any potential accidents. Check out the start of the video to see the Mini getting out of shape.

Unfortunately, we missed out on the clean race bonus as we had a little trip onto the grass, costing us 3,750 credits. Nonetheless, we earned the Mini Cooper ‘S’ ‘65 as our reward and moved on to the next race at Brands Hatch.


Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 3 Vehicles

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 3: Brands Hatch Sunday Cup Classic

The Indy Circuit at Brands Hatch is a 1.2-mile track that can be quite challenging due to its changes in height and narrow width. The third or better position in this race will earn you the Volkswagen 1200 ‘66, also known as the beetle.

For this race, it’s recommended to stick with the Toyota, as it’s the fastest car you currently have. It’s crucial to avoid running wide in turn 1, as the gravel can significantly hamper your chances of winning. Focus on having a clean race and staying on track, and the win will come easily. In our attempt, we made sure to back out of a few opportunities in favor of not risking our clean race bonus. On the second lap, we touched the gravel coming out of turn one, nearly throwing away the whole race. So, it’s essential to treat turn one with respect and avoid making any mistakes.

After winning the race, we earned 5,000 credits and the Volkswagen 1200 ‘66. We now have all three European Classic Compacts and have completed Menu Book 3, unlocking the High Speed Ring in Japan and the roulette ticket.


After successfully completing all three races in Menu Book 3, the total credits earned sum up to 54,500. The breakdown includes 5,000 credits from roulette tickets, 7,500 credits from winning the Sunday Cup at Lake Maggiore Circuit and the Sunday Cup Classic at Goodwood, and 7,500 credits from finishing third or better at the Indy Circuit at Brands Hatch.

Returning to the Cafe, you will unlock the Tuning Shop, where you can customize your cars to improve their performance on the track. You will also receive another roulette ticket, which can potentially award you with a new car or more credits to add to your collection. Keep in mind that tuning your car can have a significant impact on its performance, so make sure to experiment with different settings to find the best setup for each track.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 3 Rewards

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 4 Guide

The fourth Menu Book takes us to the newly unlocked Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, where we need to finish in the top three, unlocking the Tsukuba and Suzuka. After a quite beautiful video showing a babbling brook and some aerial shots of the circuit, head to the tuning shop, where we will meet another delightful character, Rupert. 

Rupert (don’t worry, you don’t have to pay attention to their names) owns the tuning shop, but is particularly useful when it comes to explaining what each modification actually does to your car, so if you are ever unsure, click the ‘Learn More’ button on each part and he will give you a handy dandy explanation. The idea here is that you might want to apply some modifications to your Toyato/Mazda/Honda Japanese compact car, however we recommend you save your credits, and go straight to the next race. Soon we will be driving something (slightly) more exciting, so we don’t recommend investing too much time or credits into these cars. If you are going to upgrade, head back to the garage first and claim your roulette ticket. You could win a completely new car and not even need an upgrade.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 4: High Speed Ring Track Day

Select World Circuits, and then the championship at the bottom. Championships are a series of races, and you cannot change or add modifications to your car throughout, so make sure before you start that you have visited the tuning shop and done everything you needed to. It will become more important later, when rain becomes a risk, you don’t want to be starting the third race of a championship without wet tyres available, and throw away all the progress you have made in the first two. This championship takes you around the High Speed Ring, then again but in reverse. You will be introduced to another character, Fraga, who won the 2018 Gran Turismo World Tour. He and other Gran Turismo racers will pop up at a lot of events, occasionally offering advice but usually talking about how they got into racing. Read the conversations if you like, but they are not critical so you aren’t missing anything by ignoring them completely. These characters will also compete in the races, and over time you will recognise their cars. Fraga is driving a yellow Civic in this one, and will be your fastest opponent.

To win the championship, you don’t have to win both races, just finish with the highest number of points. The winner takes 12, second 10, and so on, with each place taking 2 points less than the place ahead. This is generally the system used in the World Circuits Championships throughout GT7.

We are taking our favourite orange Toyota once again, without having made any modifications. The High Speed Ring has lots of nice long corners, with good banking. However, the comfort tyres our little Japanese compact is running still mean that the quickest way around this circuit is often quite conservative, staying within the limits of the tyres. If you hear them squealing, you are going too fast. The first and last corners can be taken flat, however if you are creeping towards the outer walls or you can hear the tyres, it’s best to ease off the gas momentarily and bring the car back towards the apex. On the first lap, take advantage of the other cars slipstream and they will give you a big helping hand towards the front.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 4: High Speed Ring Track Day

For the second race, you will be facing the same track in reverse, but this time it is wet. Very wet. Take a minute to watch the game cycle through some very damp images of the circuit, and you’ll be glad you are sitting at home playing video games.

Taking the same slightly conservative approach as the last race, you will easily win this one. Just be sure to brake in a straight line, before the corner! Watch your opposition cars brake lights, and when they brake, you brake. You will easily out accelerate them on corner exits, so don’t risk compromising the entry in the rain. In the tunnel section, finish braking on the dry part of the track and you will gain a full second over those who brake on the wet surface. Take the final corner flat throughout to gain on Fraga.

After completion of the race, you will be presented with your trophy, and 15,000 credits for 1st place. Championships are great for income, as you earn credits for each race, and for the overall result. We were awarded 10,500 credits in each of the two races (7,000 + 50% clean race bonus), and 15,000 for the championship, bringing our earnings for this event up to 36,000, and our balance to 92,500.

Next, you will have the option to select a gift car reward. The game shuffles three cards, a Suzuki Swift Sport ‘17 (PP 410), a Honda Civic Type R (EK) ‘98 (PP 414), and a Honda Integra Type R (DC2) ‘98 (PP 436). There is no strategy here, so cross your fingers and pick a card. We got lucky and got the Integra.

Head back to the Cafe to complete this Menu, and unlock Brand Central, where you can buy new cars.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 5 Guide

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 5 Guide

For the third and final gift car, if you havent already collected all three, head to the High Speed Ring. Hopefully you are still familiar with this circuit from the previous Menu Book, and this time you are facing Fraga (still in the same yellow Civic) in a much faster car. After a short chat with Tomoaki Yamanaka (who gives you the same advice we give in the previous paragraph about tuning your car), pop into the race.

Remember to ease off the power if you find yourself heading towards a barrier on the outside of the banking, even a small lateral collision will scrub a lot of speed off and cost you time. Brake in a straight line wherever possible, and remember to be gentle with the power if you are struggling from understeer. We’re still running comfort tyres, and you want to avoid them squealing too much. Don’t be caught out as you brake for turn 2, as we are travelling at much higher speeds than last time we visited.

After this race, we collected 10,500 credits again and the Integra gift car. Head back to the Cafe to collect a 1-star roulette ticket and your next Menu book.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 5: Japanese FF Challenge 450 Tsukuba

Tuskuba Circuit

Once you’re ready, head to Asia-Oceania, and to the Tsukuba Circuit. Here you’ll be entering the Japanese FF Challenge 450, and third or higher will see you walk away with a lovely new Suzuki Swift. Like many of the circuits we’ve visited so far, the Tsukuba Circuit is a simple enough track, with long banked corners, and no challenging sections. Drafting again will serve you well, and exiting the second to last corner is key to finishing a lap with a competitive time.

Fraga pops up again and suggests changing your car if you are struggling to win. He clearly doesn’t know about our guides…

The FF cars used in this race tend to understeer a lot, so on the tighter corners hold off the gas until you are sure you are going to make the exit. On the first lap, as you approach the final corner be careful not to run into the back of the AI, and on the second lap, make sure not to run wide and onto the gravel, as it will cost you a lot of time. If you watch the video you will see that we did exactly that, however, the race is easily won even with mistakes being made so if you mess up early on, don’t panic!

We didn’t get our clean race bonus here, so we collected 7,000 credits for 1st place and a delightfully bright Suzuki Swift.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 5 Guide 5

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 5: Japanese FF Challenge 450 Suzuka

Suzuka Circuit Short

Next up is Suzuka, on the short East Course. This track may look simple, but there is a lot of time to be gained or lost in the esses. For now, your FF car should easily win the race without optimal lines, but it’s worth paying attention to how your approach to the corner can affect the exit speed. Utilise slipstreaming at the start of the race for a huge boost. Third place or higher here and you’ll walk away with the ‘98 Civic, in its rarely seen stock form.

If you are driving the Suzuki or the Civic and you are having trouble catching Fraga, come back after the next race in the Integra and you should find it a bit easier. Alternatively, pop by the tuning shop, buy a Sports ECU and new air filter and you should easily have enough power to gain tremendously on the straights. We won this event with no modifications and took home 10,500 credits (7,000 + 50% for clean race bonus) and the Civic gift car.

Menu Book 5 All Prize Cars

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 5: Japanese FF Challenge 450 High Speed Ring

For the third and final gift car, if you havent already collected all three, head to the High Speed Ring. Hopefully you are still familiar with this circuit from the previous Menu Book, and this time you are facing Fraga (still in the same yellow Civic) in a much faster car. After a short chat with Tomoaki Yamanaka (who gives you the same advice we give in the previous paragraph about tuning your car), pop into the race.

Remember to ease off the power if you find yourself heading towards a barrier on the outside of the banking, even a small lateral collision will scrub a lot of speed off and cost you time. Brake in a straight line wherever possible, and remember to be gentle with the power if you are struggling from understeer. We’re still running comfort tyres, and you want to avoid them squealing too much. Don’t be caught out as you brake for turn 2, as we are travelling at much higher speeds than last time we visited.

After this race, we collected 10,500 credits again and the Integra gift car. Head back to the Cafe to collect a 1-star roulette ticket and your next Menu book.

Menu Book 5 All Prize Cars

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 6 Guide

The sixth Menu Book requires you to use the Tuning Shop to tune your ‘65 Mini Cooper S to above 360 PP. So, go to the Garage and change to your Mini, then head to the Tuning Shop where you will be greeted by Rupert again.

The Mini starts at 251 PP, and you can tune it as much as you like, there is no upper limit on the next events, so if you really want to go for overkill, then do so by all means. We had accrued 122,500 credits so far, but still wanted to keep spending to a lowish amount for now. Soon we will have the opportunity to drive faster cars, so we will invest more later.


Tuning: Mini Cooper S '65

For now, start by buying your Mini some Sports Soft Tyres. These will make your PP shoot up to around 337, but don’t worry, we aren’t done yet. When it comes to tuning, while it is tempting to go straight in for more power, we suggest starting with the sensible items first. Often you will have an upper PP limit, so buy some grippy tires and once you’ve all the boring stuff sorted, then you can fill up the rest of your PP with BHP.

We started with 3,000 spent on Sports Soft Tyres, then 1,000 on a Sports Brake Kit, and 300 on matching Sports Brake Pads. Always upgrade brakes and tyres together, as stopping power is limited by both.

Next up, we went with Sports Suspension for 3,100. This will help with handling the vehicle, particularly if you are not a smooth driver. The height adjustable suspension was available for more, but as we likely won’t be spending too much time with the Mini we didn’t think it was worth the extra expense. All the upgrades are in the image gallery below.

After the suspension, brakes, and tyres, the Mini was sitting at 358 PP. Now we decided to go for power. We started with 3,500 for the Fully Customisable Computer, putting us up to 69 BHP (from 64) and 373 PP. The bar was set at 360, but naturally, we decided to go a little over just for fun.

Finally, we added the Sports Air Filter for an extra 2 BHP. Not much, but at only 600 Cr. it’s too cheap to not have.

After this, our Mini Cooper S ‘67 came to a very respectable 377 PP, and we headed back to the Cafe to collect our rewards (just a few track unlocks). We spent 12,500, leaving 111,000 for future projects…

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 7 Guide

Menu Book 7 is another collection Menu, for European Hot Hatches. The Mini we just tuned should come in handy here, however after you’ve won one of the three cars on offer it may make sense to switch immediately. The rewards for this one are the Mini Cooper S ‘05, the Abarth 500 ‘09, and the Polo GTI ‘14.

Before we started, we went to the Garage and claimed our reward from Menu Book 5, which was a one star roulette ticket.
We won 10,000 credits, which mostly covered the 11,000 we spent on Menu Book 6 and brought our balance back up to 121,000.

GT7 Menu Book 7: Brands Hatch European Sunday Cup 400

The first of the three races is back at Brands Hatch, in another Sunday Cup. This time it’s the European Sunday Cup 400, with a suggested PP of 400. We’ll be taking the Mini we just modified, even though it has a slightly lower PP of 373.

Before starting the race, you will hear from Coque Lopez who will warn you about the first corner, advising you to hold off accelerating after you’ve come off the brakes. The gravel on the outside here will punish you, so be cautious.

We won the race in the ‘65 Mini (albeit on the second attempt), although if you are having trouble go back to the Tuning Shop and buy some more power, or take the 3rd place and come back with the modern Mini you earn as a gift car. We collected 10,500 credits for our win (7000 for 1st + 50% clean race bonus), as well as an additional 4,200 credits for our 3rd place finish on the first attempt.

GT7 Menu Book 7: Alsace Test Course Reverse European Sunday Cup 400

For the second race, you can switch to your newly earned ‘05 Mini, with its higher PP of 419, although we stuck with the ‘65 Mini for this one. You’ll be introduced to Baptiste Beauvois, who mainly chats about baguettes, but advises the race will turn dark throughout.

This race is a little trickier, mainly because our frugal modifications have left our Mini with less straight-line speed than the opposition. Take the first corner flat, and use minimal braking just before the right kink to exit onto the straight with more speed than your competitors. We gained most of our time in this section, being patient each lap and chipping away at the opposition’s lead.

Finish this race in the top three to claim the Abarth 500 ‘09. We won the race and picked up the clean race bonus, so also collected 10,500 credits.

GT7 Menu Book 7: Sardegna Road European Sunday Cup 400

For the final race, we head to Sardegna, in the imaginatively named Road Track B. Here we can take a 2014 Polo GTI home. Here we are greeted again by our old friend Coque Lopez, who tells us we may struggle if our car is underpowered. The long straight here is going to be a challenge to our ‘65 Mini, so make up the extra speed in the corners wherever possible.

Coque is right, you will lose a lot of time on the main straight. If you followed our advice for tuning, the ‘65 Mini should be running sports soft tyres. This means that with it’s 600kg weight, it should have significantly more cornering grip than the other, heavier cars running the race. Use this to your advantage, there are several corners you can stay flat out on, as well as several where you can take the outside line to overtake without lifting off.

You should now have the ‘14 Polo GTI, completing this Menu collection. We collected another 10,500 with the clean race bonus and 1st place, bringing our total earnings for this Menu to 31,500 credits, plus an extra 4,200 credits for our failed first attempt, bringing our overall balance up to 156,700 credits.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 8 Guide

Once you’ve completed Menu Book 7, you’ll unlock GT Auto. GT Auto is where you can customise and maintain vehicles, from livery designs, to oil changes, to aero components. Your first task is straightforward, Wash a car.

Honestly there’s not much to be said here. Go to GT Auto, select Car Maintenance & Service, and then wash your car.

Sarah will pop up again and give you some insight into what all you can get done, before Clayton appears to tell us to keep our car well maintained. Over time, cars performance will deteriorate, however it’s not something we need to worry about now. Just pay 50 credits for the car wash and lets move on.

You’ll unlock the Tokyo Expressway as your reward.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 9 Guide

Ok, so this one is slightly different. After the simplicity of Menu Book 8, Menu Book 9 asks you to participate in the Tokyo Highway Parade Race. The only catch is that you need a National B licence to enter, so we have to go back to the Licence Centre and finish Licence B, if you haven’t already. The Tokyo Expressway is an iconic piece of Gran Turismo, so enjoy the short film and then head over to the Licence Centre.

The compass will direct you to World Circuits, but unless you have the National B licence you won’t be able to enter the championship yet.

In the Licence Centre, you should already have B-1, for stopping and starting, so head straight to B-2. Completing all of these will not only unlock the Tokyo Highway Parade Race, but also you will earn a free vehicle for getting Bronze or higher in all events, and another for completing all gold. Most events are pretty easy, but will likely take a few attempts to achieve the Gold time.

Solis will offer advice before each event too.

Table of Contents

GT7 Licence Centre B-2

For the first event, B-2, simply accelerate as hard as you can off the line. Once you approach the 100m board, look out for the double cones on the right hand side of the track. Slam on the brakes as hard as you can just between the double cones and the 200 yard sign. Shift down to benefit from engine braking, and you should stop just inside the blue zone. Easy.

You should collect 3,000 credits for gold in this one.

Gran Turismo 7 Licence B-3 Cornering Basics 1

The second event is very straightforward. Simply go round a corner at Alsace. We are not kidding, you are given an ‘02 Diahatsu Copen, which shouldn’t be a challenge to get around this corner. Accelerate from the start, keep the steering smooth, go deep and turn in slightly late to get the car as straight as possible on exit, lift momentarily as you approach the apex, and accelerate to the finish line.

Piece of cake tbh. 3,000 credits banked.

GT7 Licence B-4 Cornering Basics 2

Cornering basics 2 is exactly the same corner as cornering basics 1, except this time you are given an ‘03 Audi TT. A faster car, but not exactly a handful. The gold time is pretty forgiving here, you don’t even need to take the corner well to set a good time (see video for evidence). Just accelerate, dab the brakes and lift off, turn in and give it the beans on the way out. If you are struggling, try the approach in the demonstration – lift off from the point of turn in until the apex, the accelerate out.

3,000 more.

Gran Turismo 7 Licence B-5 Cornering Basics 3

Cornering basics 3 is a little different, we now have a series of corners to contend with at Tsukuba. You’ll be driving an ‘85 A112 Abarth, a car we don’t remember either. You can take this whole event at full throttle, but be sure to listen to Solis and use the whole width of the track. Move to the very left edge of the track on your approach to the right-hander, and follow the dark tyre marks on the track for the line through the corner. On the exit, move about a car’s width away from the left-hand side of the circuit, and gently steer around the left-hander to the finish line.

We collected 4,000 credits for this one.

GT7 Licence B-6 Cornering Basics 4

Similar to before, Cornering Basics 4 is exactly the same corners as the previous challenge, but this time in a faster car. You’ll be driving a Nissan Fairlady Z ‘08, a car you should be slightly more familiar with. Sticking with the same line as before, move to the left on the approach, and this time brake momentarily as you start to turn. As you pass the apex, ease back onto full power for the left-hander. Try to make sure your cornering is smooth so you don’t scrub off too much speed, particularly on the left-hander. Use the whole width of the track, you should cross the finish line on the right-hand side of the track.

Another 4,000 credits, bringing our total for this Menu Book so far to 17,000.

GT7 Licence B-7 Cornering Basics 5 Guide

For Cornering Basics 5, Solis tells us we’ll be learning how to brake for corners. This time we are heading to Trial Mountain Circuit, and given a lovely 2021 Toyota GR86 RZ. It’s a fairly simple corner, but in a much faster car, and one famously with skinny tyres for excitingly little lateral grip. As you approach the second yellow sign, get ready to brake just before the tree after the sign on the right. As you brake, move the car towards the left hand side of the track. Aim towards the apex, and right as you pass the big rock on the apex, gradually come back onto the power. Try to keep the steering smooth, as too much aggression on the wheel will scrub off too much speed as you approach the finish. The car wants to slide, so don’t go in with guns blazing on the controls.

If you’re smooth enough, you’ll collect another 4,000.

Gran Turismo Licence B-8 Cornering Basics 6 Tutorial

For Cornering Basics 6, Solis takes us to Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit. We’ll be using a silver ‘96 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV, and going round a 90 degree left.

Jumping straight in, accelerate hard from the start. The braking point here is around the 75M point, and you’ll be able to see a shadow on the grown halfway between the 50m and 100m boards. Brake hard at this shadow, keeping the car in a straight line. As you pass the 50m board, start turning towards the apex of the corner. Again, keep the steering smooth and try to avoid hearing the tyre squeal. Right as the finish line comes into view, start coming onto the power and gradually steer out of the corner. Use the full width of the track, accelerating as hard as you can without the car sliding. Avoid running onto the grass and cross the line!

You should collect another 4,000 credits for this.

GT7 Licence B-9 Cornering Basics 7 Walkthrough

Cornering Basics 7 takes us to Dragon Trail, an iconic Gran Turismo location. Here you’ll have to face two corners, in a ‘20 Honda Civic type R.

As you approach the first corner, remember the principles you learned earlier about using the full length of the track. Gradually steer in, keeping on the power. Position your car so that your two right-side wheels run right over the kerb, and as you exit the corner let the car move over to the left side of the circuit. With your left wheels now on the white line, make sure the car is straight, and right as the grass changes to sand on the left brake as hard as you can. Try to turn in late, so you can get the car straighter on the exit. If you do it right, you can accelerate before the apex in second gear and change into third as you move across to the left-hand side of the track on the exit of the corner. Accelerate hard again towards the finish.

Finish this one in under 17.500 seconds and you’ll collect 4,000 more credits.

GT7 Licence B-10 Driving Basics Guide

B-10 is the final test, a true culmination of everything you’ve done up until this point. Tsukuba Circuit, in a Renault Clio RS ‘16, with a whole series of corners to master. Two key things to keep in mind here, use the whole track, and brake in a straight line.

As you come through the first esses, focus on positioning your car on the right-hand side of the track for the hairpin left. On approach, you’ll notice an access road on the right (a section of tarmac joining the track), use this as a reference point. You want to brake around a car length before this road, just at the point where the car straightens from the corner. Stay in a straight line as you brake for as long as you can, then turn in and stay close to the apex, cutting slightly over the kerb in the second half of the corner. Accelerate smoothly out of the corner, gradually straightening the car’s wheels right-hander and following the dark section on the track. As you approach the right hander, a dash of brakes just before you turn in, and hold off on accelerating until you know you are going to make the exit without running wide. For the final left, stay as close to the left-hand side initially, then let the car drift over to the right as you approach the finish.

You should get 5,000 credits for this one, bringing our total for B-2 to B-10 up to 35,000 credits, and of course our National B Licence!

For completing all Bronze, you will earn the Renault Clio RS ‘16, similar to the one you just drove, except this time in black. It will come in handy soon. If you also achieved gold in all events, you’ll get a Mitsibishi GTO Twin Turbo ‘91, in Passion Red. Both these cars will likely be a higher PP than the rest of your current garage, so rest assured they are a worthwhile reward.

Before Entering the Championship

Before you jump into the Tokyo Highway Parade Championship, you’ll want to change your car. We had a roulette ticket from hitting our Daily Driving Marathon to claim, so claim any tickets you have before continuing. You never know, you might win an even faster car!

At this point we had 15 cars in our garage, as shown in the image. The entry requirements for the Tokyo Highway PArade are simply any road car, so select your highest PP car to make life easy. Our new Mitsu GTO has a PP of 456, so we went with that.

GT7 Tokyo Highway Parade Championship Race 1

For this championship, you will have to complete two races. Both will take you around the Tokyo Expressway, which is a street circuit made of highways through Tokyo. The first race will take you clockwise around, and the second counter-clockwise. The Tokyo Expressway is a high speed circuit, so keeping your car stable around the higher speed corners is crucial. Avoid contact with the barriers at all costs, as even though they are nicely contoured to the track, you will lose a lot of speed if you rub against them. Use drafting wherever possible, and try avoid contact with the other cars too to claim your 50% clean race bonus at the end. We honestly found our biggest challenge staying clean, as the circuit is narrow, especially at higher speeds on comfort tyres. A few minor collisions occurred (see video!) but we still managed to claim 10,000 + 5,000 clean race bonus.

The points structure is the same as before, with 12 points for the winner and each place below that getting two fewer points than the place above. You do not have to win both races but it is certainly recommended. You’ll be introduced to Rick Kevelham, who offers little advice, simply bragging about his car.

GT7 Tokyo Highway Parade Championship Race 2

For the second race, you will be driving the Tokyo Expressway in reverse. In terms of the track difficulty, this changes little as it is a fairly easy circuit to navigate (easy to learn, challenging to master, although in the GTO you will easily have enough power that you don’t have to put in an incredible lap), although this time around it will be raining. Patrick Blaksan will be racing you in a suzuki Swift, but you should not find him to be much of a challenge.

Be patient with this one, try to avoid collisions, and you will easily move past the oppositions on the straights. When you fins yourself behind another car, watch out for his brake lights and try to use this as an opportunity to brake with him, but get on the power earlier and accelerate on the exit. Collect another 15,000 for this one, with the clean race bonus.

If you won the championship, you should collect another 20,000 credits for the victory, along with a shiny gold trophy. Our balance is now 245,650 credits, having spent 0 on this Menu Book and won 88,950.

You’ll also get the opportunity to pick a car from three cards, you can select at random from the Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA) ‘89, the Nissan Silvia Q’s (S13) ‘88, and the Toyota Corolla Levin 1600GT APEX (AE86) ‘83. we wanted the AE86, but got the Nissan Silvia.

Head back to the Cafe and you will collect a 1-STar Roulette Ticket from Luca, and unlock the Sport Pavilion.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 10 Guide

Japanese FR Sports Car Collection

Your mission here is to collect three cars, the Nissan Silvia Q’s (S13) ‘88, the Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA) ‘89, and the Toyota Corolla Levin 1600GT APEX (AE86) ‘83. You should have just been awarded one of these from the end of Menu Book 9, but we’ll cover all three events in this guide anyway. If you want to earn a few extra credits, consider doing all three too.

The three events take place at Tsukuba events Circuit., the High Speed Ring, and Tokyo Expressway. These circuits should all be familiar as we have been there frequently in the recent Menu Books.

All of these events require you to be driving a Japanese FR car, so head to the garage. You should switch to whichever of the three cars mentioned above you just won, for us its the Nissan Silvia. While in your garage you might want to claim the roulette ticket you won at the end of the previous Menu book. We also had a ticket from completing the daily driving marathon, so claim any of those too.

Once you’ve done this, and switched to your FR car, head to the Tuning Shop. It is possible to win these events without any modifications, however, we aren’t going to spend much and it will make life considerably easier if you do. In the Tuning Shop, buy a set of Sports Soft tyres for 3,000 credits, and that’s all you need. The PP of our Nissan Silvia is now 436, easily enough to cruise through the events we need to. Tsukuba Circuit, and enter the Japanese FR Challenge 450.

GT7 Japanese FR Challenge 450 Tsukuba Circuit

Our old pal Kevelham chats about the Toyota GT86, a car which he is driving and the game recommends you drive here, but our trusty Silvia proved to be enough. Ryan Derrouiche also pops up and tells us we’ll be at this circuit for license tests too.

The race should be fairly straightforward if you purchased the tyres upgrade. You should be able to ease your way past most cars and into 3rd position by the end of the first lap. This is likely the first RWD car you’ll have driven in the game and it much more susceptible to spinning than the other $WD or FWD cars we’ve driven until this point. Finish first here and you should walk away with 10,000 credits, plus another 5,000 if you managed to get the clean race bonus. You will also win the gift car, a Nissan Silvia.

Gran Turismo 7 Japanese FR Challenge 450 Tokyo Expressway

So the next race we are going to do is at the Tokyo Expressway Central Clockwise Circuit. Here you can win the Mazda Roadster, and again we will be tackling the event in our Nissan Silvia. Derrouiche pops up again here, but doesn’t offer any advice, instead choosing to share his birthday date… I hope he isn’t expecting a gift…

This race should also be straightforward. Utilise drafting everywhere you can, and try not to get stuck behind any of your opponents for too long. It’s easy in the corners to bump against the rear of the car ahead, but it’s usually quicker to hang back slightly through most of the corner and then accelerate past them on the exit.

Winning this event will get you 10,000 credits (plus 5,000 clean race bonus, but we missed out on that), and the Mazda Roadster ‘89.

GT7 Japanese FR Challenge 450 High Speed Ring

The third race in the Japanese FR Challenge 450 is at the High Speed Ring Reverse Circuit, and here a top three finish will earn you the Toyota Corolla AE86. On arrival to the event, it will be raining, and you will be greeted by Matthew Simmons, who is racing against you in a Nissan Silvia.

It will be raining when you start the race, although it won’t last long! Just ignore the rain, and focus on catching your opponents. You don’t need to brake in turn one, just lift off slightly, shift into 4th, and power out of the corner and around turn two. As you come towards the exit of the tunnel before turn 3, start braking at around 70m, using the boards on the left for reference. Try to stay tight here, as your turn 3 exit sets up the entrance to turn 4. Get the power down over the bridge and move all the way over to the left hand side of the circuit for turn 5, the final braking zone of the lap. A touch of brakes on the way in, carrying as much speed as possible through this corner, as the final banked corner essentially acts as a straight, and your car is not as powerful as many others in this race. Take a gentle line through this turn, keeping on the gas from here into the new lap.


Finish this event in the top 3 to win the Toyota Corolla Levin 1600GT APEX (AE86), 10,000 credits (plus 5,000 clean race bonus), and finish off this menu book.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 11 Guide


For Menu Book 11, you are given a French Hot Hatches Collection to complete. You’ll have to acquire a Citroen DS 3 Racing ‘11, a Peugeot 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport ‘14, and a Renault Clio R.S. 220 Trophy ‘16. You may have already earned the Renault from the National B Licence, but we’ll cover all three races anyway.

Before we get started, we had another roulette ticket to claim, for daily driving.

Anyway, the first event for this Menu Book is the European Sunday Cup 500, at Deep Forest Raceway. You need to have a car from the UK, Germany, France, Italy, or Austria, so use your Renault Clio RS.

Just like before, we took ours to the Tuning Shop and purchased some Sports Soft tyres, for 3,800 credits. This is entirely optional, but the purposes of this guide is to give you an easy route through these Menu Books, and a tyres upgrade definitely helps with that.

If you don’t want to use the Clio, go to the event screen and select Change Car, you can see what other vehicles are eligible to enter.

Purchase some Sports Soft tyres for your car to make life easy.

GT7 Menu Book 11: European Sunday Cup 500 - Deep Forest Raceway

European Sunday Cup 500 - Deep Forest Raceway

Before the race, you’ll be introduced to another face, Florent Pagandet, who gives you some advice. He says to master Deep Forest, you need to do well through the S-bend section, and control throttle on the inclines. The track has a somewhat tricky section in the middle with a few esses, finding the optimal line through here may take a bit of practice but as long as you don’t enter the corners too fast and run wide you shouldn’t lose too much speed. Finish this race in first and you will earn 10,000 credits, plus another 5,000 if you achieved the clean race bonus, as well as the Citroen DS 3 Racing ‘11.

GT7 Menu Book 11: European Sunday Cup 500 - Sardegna Road Track B

European Sunday Cup 500 - Sardegna Road Track B

The second event takes place at Sardegna, and is introduced by Mikail Hizal, who tells you he’s been interested in cars since age three. We’re taking our Renault Clio again, with it’s Sports Soft tyres. This circuit is fairly straightforward, the AI are not very quick around here and you should easily pass them. Our biggest challenge was not getting distracted by the mountain views. We ran wide right at the end after getting distracted and lost our clean race bonus, collecting only 10,000 credits for the win, and the Peugeot 208 GTi.

GT7 Menu Book 11: European Sunday Cup 500 - Brands Hatch 500

European Sunday Cup 500 - Brands Hatch 500

The third race takes place at Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit, where our old friend Coque Lopez tells us we should try to get our National A Licence. Brands Hatch is a narrow circuit in places, so you’ll be glad of those sports tyres, and the Grand Prix Circuit is significantly longer than the Indy Circuit layout we raced at last time we were here.

This race is completely unnecessary for this Menu Book, but you can earn some extra credits and complete the Sunday Cup 500 so why not?!

We won an extra 15,000 here (10,000 + 5,000 clean race bonus), bringing our balance up to 338,850.


Gran Turismo 7 Menu book 12 Guide

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 12 Petite Course de France

Ok, so for this Menu Book, you need to complete the Petite Course de France Championship. Before starting, we had a roulette ticket to claim, so we headed to the garage and claimed it. 

With that little mystery tucked away, it’s time to head over to the World Circuits section. Here, you’ll find a range of championships to participate in. Look towards the bottom of the list and select the Petite Course de France Championship. This championship isn’t a marathon – it’s a quick sprint of just two races. Both of these races will take you through the scenic Alsace Village. In one, you’ll be racing the conventional route, and in the other, you’ll face the challenge of the reverse track. The double feature at the same location may feel a bit unusual, almost as if the track selection meeting happened at 4:40pm on a Friday afternoon!

As we gear up for these races, we receive a warm welcome from our reliable companions, Coque Lopez and Beauvois. Always full of wisdom, Coque shares an essential tip with us about the importance of picking the right tyres to prevent unwanted squealing during sharp turns. This advice leads us to the conclusion that ‘sticky’ tyres are the way to go. In particular, the Sports Soft tyres seem ideal for the job.

So, if you haven’t gotten your hands on these tyres yet, it’s time to visit the tuning store. There, you can equip your Renault Clio R.S. 220 Trophy ‘16 with a fresh set of Sports Soft tyres. Don’t worry about any additional upgrades. With this set of tyres on your Renault, you’ll be in the prime position to sail through this series with ease.

GT7 Menu Book 12: Petite Course de France ALsace Village

Gran Turismo 7 Petite Course de France Championship

The point allocation system for this championship remains consistent with previous ones, so it feel familiar. To recap, the points are distributed as follows: the winner earns 12 points, second place receives 10, third place gets 8, fourth place is awarded 6, and the pattern continues, decrementing two points for each subsequent position.

The race takes place on the broad, sweeping bends of the Alsace Village Circuit. Its generous width encourages racers to utilize the entire breadth of the track. With careful maneuvering and judicious use of the track, you’ll find overtaking the AI competitors a breeze.

Our efforts in the first race netted us a handsome reward: 15,000 credits as the primary winnings. On top of that, our clean, collision-free race secured an additional 7,500 credits as a bonus, bringing the total earnings to a substantial 22,500 credits. Plus, winning the race added a valuable 12 points to our championship tally. With a solid start like this, we’re well on our way to securing the Championship!

GT7 Menu Book 12: Petite Course de France ALsace Village Reverse

Gran Turismo 7 Petite Course de France Championship

Race Two! Just like Race One, but in REVERSE.

Exciting, isn’t it? Alongside the track switch-up, we also have a surprise guest, Florent Pagandet. He takes a moment to share a few words about wine and impart some valuable racing wisdom, focusing specifically on the distinction between flat and banked corners.

Alsace’s circuit is indeed a delight to race on, but one element to stay alert to is the camber of corners. This attribute can drastically impact the degree of your car’s turn and the speed you can maintain while cornering. The difference is quite pronounced when comparing a banked corner to a flat one.

However, if you performed well in the first race, you should find this race similarly achievable. The maximum reward remains at 15,000 credits, and with a victory, another 30,000 credits will be added to your account for winning the championship. Plus, you’ll be awarded a trophy—albeit not the tallest one you’ve ever seen.


After collecting your prize, you’ll get another random card pick. the game will present you with silver cards for the first time, and you’ll be drawing from three classic American muscle cars. The Chevrolet Corvette (C3) ‘69, a Chevrolet Camaro Z28 ‘69, and a Ford Mustang Mach 1 ‘71. We won the Corvette!

Head back to the Cafe to finish this Menu Book.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 13 Guide

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 13

Menu Book 13 introduces another new Pavilion, Missions! Missions allow you to get a taste for racing in all sorts of different situations. You are immediately tasked with completing Deep Forest’s ‘The Pass’ in the mission ‘The Magic Mountain’. As usual, Bronze or better is required.

As usual, before starting this Mission, we headed to the Garage to collect our daily Roulette Ticket. After (predictably) winning the smallest prize available, our balance was sitting at 446,350 credits.

After navigating to Missions at the top left of the map, select Magic Mountain, and you will see a selection of events.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 13 Mission Magic Mountain Events

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 13: Mission Challenge Deep Forest - Turn 1

GT7 Mission Challenge Deep Forest - Turn 1

The first Mission puts us in a Honda 180SX Type X ‘96, and you will need to overtake four cars in the first corner of Deep Forest Raceway. This one isn’t too difficult, all you need to do is be smooth around the corner and you will succeed. Overtake on the left of the Copen, and then follow the Abarth towards the corner. Brake early, and sneak up on the inside of the Abarth into the turn. Stay tight to the kerb, and gradually get on the power, letting the car drift to the right hand side of the circuit on the exit to pass the Fiat 500.

You’ll collect 6,000 credits for gold in this event.

That’s all you have to do for this Menu Book! Head back to the Cafe to continue.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 14 Guide

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 14 Mustang Collection

Menu book 14 is a collection Menu Book, and you will be collecting Ford Mustangs! These will include the Ford Mustang Boss 439 ‘69, These races will take place in the USA, and we’ll be using the car you won at the end of Menu Book 12 to compete. For us, it was the Chevrolet Corvette C3, but you might be using the Camaro or the Mustang Mach 1. Go to your Garage now and change to this car.

Once you’ve switched to your American Muscle, head to the Tuning Shop and we’re gonna upgrade this bad boy. Our Corvette is starting with 444 PP, but we’re going to upgrade to around 550. As ever, the first upgrade we’re gonna purchase is the Sports: Soft tyres, these cost 3,800 credits and will be super useful, especially around Laguna Seca and Willow Springs. Next up, we’re going to add a touch of extra power, buying the Fully Customisable Computer from the Semi-Racing section for 5,000 credits. Finally, we’re purchasing the Racing Air Filter, from the Racing section, for 2,500 credits.

The final item we are going to buy is the Fully Customisable Transmission. This is going to allow us to adjust the top speed of our Corvette, which is going to be handy for the first race, Blue Moon Raceway.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 14: American FR Challenge 550 Blue Moon Speedway

As you arrive, you’ll be introduced to Nicolas Rubilar, who will give you a suggestion to try drafting in this race. Yes. We agree. Always draft in this game!

Before starting this race, go to car settings (either in the Garage or from the pre-race screen), and adjust the top speed of the Fully Customisable Transmission. This controls the top speed of your car, and it’s acceleration. A good rule of thumb for this setting is to adjust the top speed so that you are just reaching your cars maximum speed at the end of the longest straight on whichever circuit you are racing at. For this event, we adjusted the top speed of the Corvette to 270kph.

Once you start the race, take care into Turn One. Blue Moon Speedway has only three corners, but turn one requires the heaviest braking and the ‘vette has a tendency to slide, often resulting in us facing the wrong direction. We found it easiest to brake into 3rd gear before you start turning, and then gradually come back onto the power as you go around the corner.

Turn Two you can take completely flat, following an Out-In-Out line, being gentle with the steering for the fastest way through. Turn Three doesn’t have as much banking, so brake down into 4th gear and gradually ease your way around.

Menu Book 14 Gift Car Ford Mustang Boss 429 ‘69

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 14: American FR Challenge 550 Laguna Seca

For the second race, we head to Laguna Seca. This circuit is one of our favourites, and if you haven’t raced here before, you’re in for a treat! The track is fun, and the famous corkscrew section is one of the most iconic corners in America!

Before starting the race, adjust your top speed to around 210kph. You won’t need as much top speed as you did at Blue Moon, and the car will accelerate faster as a result. You should easily win this race with these settings. 

Finish in the top three here to claim the Ford Mustang Mach 1 ‘17, and victory will earn you 10,000 credits.

Menu Book 14 gift Car Ford Mustang Mach 1 ‘71

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 14: American FR Challenge 550 Willow Springs

Menu Book 14 American FR Challenge 550 Willow Springs

The final race in this Menu Book takes place at Willow Springs, right at sunset. Willow Springs is another iconic USA destination in Gran Turismo, and the desert track can be a little more challenging. Long corners with little banking require careful throttle control and patience. Particularly in the long final corner, which tightens up at the end, it is easy to run wide onto the start/finish straight and lose a lot of time. Be gentle with your throttle acceleration here, and don’t be afraid to lift off if you find yourself drifting off the track. It’s much better to lose a little time on the asphalt than a lot of time on the dirt!

A top-three finish here will earn you the Mustang GT ‘15, and victory will earn you another 10,000 credits and complete Menu Book 14.

Menu Book 14 Gift Car Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback ‘15
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